IIS FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW #35 | Edisi 1 – 15 Oktober 2022

Fortnightly Review #34 is now out for you to read! Articles featured in this episode are:

– Justice for Mahsa Amini: Iranians Growing Protest and What it Means for Women’s Civil and Political Liberties (F. T. Anindita, IIS UGM)
– The Geopolitical Insecurity of Germany: Russia’s Gas Supply Cut During Winter (Y. Elisabeth, IR UGM 2018)
– The Unexpected Failure of Growth: Chinese Communist Party’s Congress and Concerns on Investmen-led Growth (Z. Umniati, IR UGM 2019)
– Armenia Abandoned: Acceptance of Aggression in Post-Ukraine Conflict (M. Atthallah, IR UGM 2019)

Access them through bit.ly/FRW1Oktober

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