IIS Fortnightly Review #9 | Edisi 1 – 15 September 2021

Our ninth edition of Fortnightly Review is out now! Articles featured in this edition are:

• Surviving Kabul’s Dramatic Takeover: Indonesia’s Moves to Prioritize the Safety of Indonesian Citizens and Embassy Transfer (F. Tarissa)
• Listen to the Afghans: But Which Afghan? (S. Al Murtadho)
• Politicizing Revenge Porn: How Myanmar Brutalizes Women Under the Guise of Democracy (F. Tarissa)
• Is Pandemic a “Black Swan” For ASEAN E-Commerce Industries? (Arrizal A.J.)

Access the review through https://simpan.ugm.ac.id/s/SwgFNOdOQt9uB0H

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