IIS Fortnightly Review #15 | Edisi 1 – 15 Desember 2021

Our fifteenth edition of Fortnightly Review is out now! Articles featured in this edition are:

• China’s Letter of Protest: A New Chapter of Indonesia’s Policy on the South China Sea (L.H. Saptoaji)
• The Day of The Dead Women: Protesting Against Femicide as Mexico’s Looming Epidemic (F.T. Anindita)
• Paradoxical Climate Negotiation: The Absence of Inclusive Equity on COP26 Glasgow (A.N. Khaira)
• Tackling Omicron Variant: Why Banning Entries from Southern Africa Countries can be Considered “Travel Apartheid”? (N.N. Abiyanti)

Our Fortnightly Review is also mobile friendly! Access the review through http://bit.ly/FRW1Desember

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