IIS Fortnightly Review #5 | Edisi 1 – 15 Juni 2021

Our fifth edition of Fortnightly Review is out now! Articles featured in this edition are:

• Colombia and Its Growing Mass Movement: “They Can’t Take It Anymore” (V. Winona)
• Why COVID-19 Vaccination in Poorer Nations Has Slowed, Posing Global Risks (S. Aryawangsa)
• How COVID-19 Pandemic Could Impede The Catch-Up of Poor Countries With Rich Ones (M. Yansverio)
• Global Nursing Shortage and Health Inequality (N. Raharema)

Our Fortnightly Review is also mobile friendly! Access the review throught : https://simpan.ugm.ac.id/s/GnuzILvb6SfY5mL

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