Understanding the Competitive Landscape in Marocco

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Understanding the Competitive Landscape in Morocco’s Telecommunications and its Socio-Economic Implications


Policy Paper

Vladimir Hlasny (Ewha Womans University)



Telecommunications in North Africa and particularly Morocco have undergone major transformations and developments in recent years. From denationalization of the national monopoly, Morocco’s regulatory authority has watched over the introduction of competition, deployment of extensive and advanced infrastructure, restructuring of intra-industry relations, and evolution in the offering of services and packages to consumers. However, these developments have not always benefited all the stakeholders. This study reviews the role that advancing telecommunications have had in Morocco and the specific trajectory of their growth. We evaluate the current competitive and regulatory climate, the economic consequences for all parties involved, and future outlook for the industry.


Keywords: Telecommunications, Mobile, Morocco, Middle East and North Africa, Competition, Regulation.


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