Peace Building and Violent Radicalism

Program on Peace Building and Violent Radicalism (PILAR) is present as an effort to enhance in-depth academic research and comprehensive political mapping against the number of action of violence, radicalism, and terrorism, both in Indonesia and international, in creating a peaceful society. Violence and terror at this moment has become the concern of all actors, from the international community, national government to local society. Since 9/11 attack that struck the U.S. government and peoples the term radicalism, violence, and terrorism, as if haunted by many peoples. Because after the attack violence and terror even more intense. Contrast to the efforts that have been made, the stronger the effort to fight against violence and terror the more similar violence actions sprung up in several places. The phenomenon of violence and terrorism that emerged in the spectrum of diverse and patterns that no longer confessional increasingly demanding a very deep understanding, so the action of disturbing violence and terror are not only all parties can be overcome but also prevented before they appear. This is the challenge of all actors, including governments, activists and academics.

Therefore Program on Peace Building and Radical Violence (PILAR) is expected to conduct in-depth research and provide comprehensive mapping of the emergence of political violence and terrorism in recent years that seems to be a trend. The efforts of this program do not only to provide immediate solutions related to violence and terrorism, but also deeper understanding of the roots of violence and terrorism itself, and alternative policy recommendations to all stakeholders and relevant organizations. This is related to the means in build a just, peaceful, and civilized global society.

Program on Peace Building and Radical Violence (PILAR) will focus on three activities: research, publications, and advocacy. Through these three agendas, an in-depth mapping and comprehensive analysis of violence and terror can be realized.

Our Experties

  1. In-depth Research and Comprehensive Mapping
    Our program offers an in-depth research and comprehensive understanding on the issue of radical violence, terrorism, and peace building. Our research is very useful for every actor, especially the government, related organizations, and activist in formulating an alternatives policy.
  2. Complete Database
    We provide a complete database-related issue of radical violence, terrorism, and peace building. This database is derived from sources ranging from newspapers, journals, books, internet, interviews, and in-depth research. In mapping the violence and terror activities in Indonesia, it required a deep knowledge and a rich database. Our database can be a significant reference.
  3. Publication
    To strengthen the understanding related to radical violence, terrorism, and peace building, we also publish research results in the form of Monthly Reports, Working Papers, Journals, and Annual Reviews on Radical Violence. We also publish books that resulted from research and interviews.
  4. Advocacy
    Programs and trainings that we are doing are very beneficial for many actors, especially the government, non-governmental organization, activist, and society at large. We also develop programs for students and University students.
  5. Networks
    We have built networks with various governmental and non-governmental organizations and the University, both nationally and internationally, such as the United Nations, USAID, POLRI, Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme (BNPT, Indonesia), Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC, Indonesia), The University for Peace, Center for Security and Peace Studies UGM, Nagoya University (Japan), Australian National University (Australia).

Last updated: 31 May 2012