Globalization and Local Development

The Program on Globalization and Cities Development aims to explore the studies on globalization in the context of local economic development. The Program is also a manifestation of our commitment to enrich the study of Globalization with a transformative approach in addressing salient development issues faced by local communities.

Globalization can be seen as a process of intensification, extensification, and the deepening of interdependence among communities and individuals beyond national border. The context of Cities Development was chosen as a primary subject because of the expansion of Globalization is giving impact on the Locals. Globalization was believed has given some space for the emancipation so it can urge efficiency, welfare, democracy, and peace, but In the other side, globalization was considered has created what we call “global pillage”, global apharteid, or global trap (Scholte, 2000). Hence, The Study will be focusing on the Local Economic Development; Empowering small scale economies; and harmonization of the international economic integration and local interests in order to minimize social disintegration in every level of localities.

IN THE CONTEXT OF RESEARCHES: Program on Globalization and Cities Development is designed to enrich the study on International Relations Study with cases and lessons from some transformative ideas relevant to the local economic development.
IN THE CONTEXT OF SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT: This program is purposed to formulate the frameworks on the study of Globalization and Development; Giving alternative approaches to the mainstream international development scheme by evaluation and re-conceptualization of the idea of empowerment.
IN THE CONTEXT OF NETWORKS FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT: The program is aiming to facilitate the stake holders within the local economy to assess the development scheme; share best practices; formulate visions; and explore the policy choices and agendas of action.

Our Research Exellence

  1. Market access and Enhancement of product competitiveness Global Value Chain (GVC) Assessment
    Value Chain generally are defined as the whole activities required for bringing a product from the concept of product creation until to be able to use, or achieve the purpose of the use. It includes activity as design, production, marketing, distribution, and business supporters until those products to consumer (Moris&Kaplinsky, 2000). GVC talks about networking activities in the global level. Therefore, we can map for potential local product, and identify the best strategy to penetrate international market.
  2. Innovation System Development
    Innovation System Development is important for development of business and industry. We have developed the scheme to improve the performance of the ideas absorption and business innovation that can synergize among local government, business and education by Regional System of Innovation (RSI) approach and Business Innovation and Growth from Exploitation of Academic Research (BIGEAR).
  3. Tourism Development Planning Pro-Poor Tourism
    This training is intended for arranging the most effective framework towards local area about How to make tourism useful for poverty Alleviation by connecting among business interest, local area, and marginalized communities. Model developed are society involvement on organizing and utilizing tourism sector, community based tourism, and community participation in policy-making.
  4. Sustainable Tourism Development (STD)
    In response to international demand related tourism development that combines economic, social, and aesthetics activities by not forgetting preservation towards culture, ecology and biodiversity.

Last updated: 20 May 2012