Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Globalization and transnational activities have posed significant challenges to states. In this era of both interdependence and uncertainty, states have to interact to other states and even other non-state actors while surviving their own national interests. Foreign policy is then, designed by government in order to enable states to cope with the challenges, build mutually beneficial relationship with other states and non states actors, and maximize their national gains. Indeed, foreign policy is one of the most discussed issues in this contemporary era, along with the issues of diplomacy.

In this regard, diplomacy, known as the art or practice of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements, will play a significant role in the efforts of implementing states’ effective foreign policy toward others. Multi-tracks diplomacy is now becoming central part of broad states’s foreign policy strategy. By this, we can understand that diplomacy, as one of the most important topic in the whole discussion about international relations, has a direct connection with foreign policy issues. Therefore, Program in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy has expectations to conduct both of the topics into an organized and comprehensive research.

The program on Diplomacy and Foreign Policy also aims at providing high quality foreign policy analysis and recommendation for decision makers in order to help them designing foreign policies that are suitable to cope with current conditions.  We provide background information over specific issues, as well as producing policy papers series on broad range of international issues related to Indonesia Foreign Policy in particular and other countries’ foreign policy in general. We also notify foreign policy decision makers with current foreign policy issues of the day to make them aware with the current situations and able to design suitable foreign policy to response the external challenges.

Our research activities will be focused on diplomacy and foreign policy and will be concentrated on several areas such as Asia Pacific, America, Middle East, Europe and Africa. We tend to see that area and/regional studies are very important in diplomacy and foreign policy research. We divide our research plot by regional terms in order to get a good focus on the researches. Several specific issues regarding the issues of diplomacy and foreign policy will also be covered with our research activities.

We publish several research results on diplomacy and foreign policy in the form of Reports, Papers, and also Journals. We also publish books correlating with issues of our program main concentration on diplomacy and foreign policy. In accidental terms, a conference is also can be held to give response about current issues regarding the topic of diplomacy and foreign policy. We also hold monthly discussion in order to share the outputs of our research to public.

Foreign Policy Analysis and Recommendation
In order to provide high quality Foreign Policy analysis and Recommendation, the process will be conducted both through public debate and expert meetings, involving not only our researchers but also other competence experts.

Last updated: 20 May 2012